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City Girl Donuts is a distinctively different donut shop and coffee bar, dedicated to chef-made, small-batch craft donuts using only quality ingredients. We create everything in house. Seasonal flavors mix with creativity and passion, bringing you an original donut experience.

Our own Barbara’s Blend coffee drinks are waiting at our coffee bar. Each cup of coffee, espresso, latte and cappuccino is carefully blended to enhance the perfect donut experience.


We're open Tuesday-Friday: 6:30am-2pm (or sold out)

Saturday-Sunday: 7:30am-2pm (or sold out)

For orders larger than 2 dozen, please pre-order using our order form. We will have them beautifully boxed and ready for pick-up the next day!

Meet Barbara

"I've been a donut-crazed person my whole life. I remember walking home from elementary school and using my lunch money to buy that perfect maple glazed butter cream filled Long John. When I've tried donuts in cities like New York, Chicago, and Seattle, I've wondered why no one had captured that same donut experience here in Cleveland"

Barbara Fazio

Owner, City Girl Donuts